Despite the absolute fairness of the saying 'do not judge a book by its cover', we all pay special attention to people who know how to present themselves and their inner world well through clothing, general style, and unique accessories. By these signals, you can learn a lot about the preferences and interests of each individual. The desire to express oneself has set us apart since ancient times, as even during the Stone Age, the first prototypes of decorations appeared. From those early times, much has changed, tools and skills have improved, but the desire to stand out from others and emphasize one's uniqueness using a variety of methods has remained unchanged.

However, true originality is not a mixture of expensive or rare things. First of all, it is the harmony of the image and the correspondence of the style and accessories to each individual personality. The variety of our materials and the individual approach to execution will definitely ensure that you express to the world exactly what you want. Each of you is special and can emphasize your character and uniqueness by using our skills and the originality of our materials.


Диявол, як відомо, ховається в деталях. До чого це ми? А до того, що хоча на перший погляд колір нитки, якою прошитий Ваш гаманець, не має значення, це помилкове судження.
Ми запаслися одинадцятьма кольорами міцної нитки не просто так, а абсолютно усвідомлено. Ми добре знаємо, що за допомогою нитки можна як зробити яскравий акцент, що приверне загальну увагу, так і навпаки, м’яко підкреслити класичність та легкість виробу і його власника.
Ви завжди можете обговорити з майстром бажаний колір і абсолютно безкоштовно змінити заявлену палітру на ту, яка ближча Вашому серденьку.

black cork


Another precious gem in the treasure trove of unique style can be a monogram. Anyone who follows global fashion trends knows that monograms with initials are currently in vogue. However, we suggest not stopping at just initials! After all, a cardholder, wallet, or document cover can be decorated with patterned initials or simply a pattern, or embroidered with something to your liking. Note that nothing like this will be found in anyone else, as we exclusively embroider by hand, meaning no repetition! The monogram is embroidered instead of the logo and can be a different color from the color of the main seam if desired. If you prefer engraving, it is entirely possible. Engraving can be done with text, images, or logos. It can be done inside the product or on the cover. If it needs to be on the outside, a cork piece can be sewn onto the front of the product, and it will look no less sophisticated. You can always choose the exact location of the engraving and coordinate with our specialist.


For those whose mood is changeable and whose image is multifaceted, we suggest using a keychain-pendant. The advantage of this approach is that you can maintain the classic look of the product, but decorate it according to your own taste. The keychain will be the embodiment of your imagination and our craftsmanship. It can be a monogram, a separate letter or number that is significant to you, a word, or a symbol. The keychain can be decorated with embroidery or engraving of any black-and-white picture or expression. Even a tag for a runner can become a field for expressing your message. And of course, why limit yourself to one element when you can always combine several and thus boldly declare yourself to the world!

Finally, we want to emphasize once again that our production is exclusively handmade. The advantage of this approach is that there are no two identical things. In addition, we are always open to your vision. Therefore, if you want to change the color of the thread, the size and parameters of the product, or if you have your own image in mind, please contact us and together we can fully embody your wishes.

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